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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Teeth care

1. Brush your teeth once / twice a day prior to sleeping using a medium tooth brush.

2. Massage your gums once a day with your finger for one minute.

3. Avoid using abrasive tooth powders, salt, tobacco, etc. for cleaning the teeth.

4. Avoid use of any other person’s tooth brush.

5. Change your tooth brush atleast once every 90 days.

6. Use dental floss for removing food particles, avoid the use of pins, etc.

7. Do not smoke, use tobacco, chew gum, eat chocolate, candy etc.

8. Eat plenty of crunchy fresh vegetables and fruit.

9. In case of irregular, sharp, broken teeth, contact your dentist.

10. Do not apply medicine without consulting your doctor.

11. In case of tooth ache, gum bleeding, ulcers of the gum and cheek, white patches, etc., consult your dentist.

12. Dental check every six months; especially for growing children is essential.